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MOD Complete MDC99003 Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Emitter System w/ Solenoid Valve - Precise and Accurate - Easily Adjustable Flow Meter - Made of Brass - Quicken up Harvesting and Shorten Yield Time!

$ 79.99
Key Product Features
  • HIGH QUALITY: CO2 Regulator & Valve. Made by MOD Complete From Precision Instruments Designed in the U.S.
  • BRASS CONSTRUCTION: Long-Lasting Dependability and Durability a Well as Combines a Precision Regulator, Flow Gauge, and Industrial Solenoid Valve.
  • DESIGNED FOR INDOOR GARDENING GROW ROOMS AND GREENHOUSES. To Enhance Carbon Dioxide to the Growing Environment, this CO2 Regulator Will Allow you to Maintain Ideal CO2 Levels for Optimum Growth. Or it can help you get you a Nice Refreshing Cold One Straight From the Tap.
  • ALSO DESIGNED FOR KEG AND KEGGING & Anything Else That Requires a CO2 Regulator, Such as Soda Fountains, Etc...INCREASE THE PLANT METABOLIC RATE: Speed up Growth Rates and Yields by up to 40%
  • 110 VOLTS U.S. STANDARD U.S.A. POWER. Plastic Tubing is 5 Meter Long.

Product Description

Designed and Manufactured by MOD Complete.

Why MOD Complete CO2 Regulator?

First, It is CE APPROVED, which means it will not overheat.

We make the MOD Complete CO2 regulator from precision instruments made and/or designed in the U.S.  The item will ensure that the level of carbon dioxide is kept at the desired level. It uses inferred monitoring equipment to read the levels of carbon dioxide continuously. When the levels drop below optimal, it will turn on your equipment. When levels are optimal, it turns off the equipment. You can turn off our regulator during the night because the plants do not need carbon dioxide at night. Ask us ANY questions you'd like., we know everything about every item we sell.


Designed, Made & Assembled in The USA. However, Some Parts Were Sourced From Other Countries, Including Mexico, China, Canada, and Japan.

Model # MDC99003

UPC 855990008037

EAN 0855990008037

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