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MOD Complete Magic Pen Through Dollar Trick For Children

$ 11.91 $ 15.00

Key Product Features

  • To Start-Off We'd Like to Say That Once You know How The Magic Trick Works...You'll Be AMAZED!
  • The MOD Complete Magic Pen is Forced Through a Bill/Paper OR Anything Similar.
  • The Pen is Removed. There is NO Hole in The bill (If You Do It Right).
  • The Pen Can Be Handed Out For Complete Examination.
  • Includes Complete instructions with Picture. $100 bill not included, OBVIOUSLY.

Product Description

The MOD Complete Magic Pen Can Be Forced Through Any Bill and Then Removed, Without Leaving A Hole in The Bill. The MOD Complete Magic Pen and Bill Can Be Handed Out for Complete Examination, Both Before and After the Demonstration, By the Audience! Quick to Learn and Easy to Master. You Can Use Any Type of Paper Money to Do the Trick.



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